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April 13th, 2009

10:34 am - surprise;
i didn't know when i started, but i've known for a while now that livejournal wasn't really the right place for this type of blog. i still couldn't tell you exactly what type of blog this is. but i know livejournal isn't the right fit for me. so today? i'm moving!

i just feel like blogspot offers a better place for the kind of stuff i want to offer. that and it's WAY easier for me to manage for some reason. i get to flex more of my (pathetic) html skills. i've been working hard over there! spiffing things up, moving ALL of the posts over, making it more organized, spell checking a little more closely! i really hope you like it. i'm afraid the only thing i be posting here at livejournal is the "thoughts" portion of my blog. everything else will be moving to my new place over at blogspot. i've already posted two things for today! over there, it's the same great stuff, just a new address and layout. bookmark it! =D


that's all then! see you on the other side =)


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April 11th, 2009

11:18 pm - best of; april 6-10

good evening! well sorta. at this point it's almost morning again lol. i wasn't expecting writing everyday to be such a challenge. yesterday i meant to write a "current obsession" but i didn't have time after the good friday service cause i had to pack and then leave. so my mystery vacation took me too.... niagara/buffalo. hah. i could've expected as much. it was still REALLY fun though. my mom sprung for a really nice suite, with one of those whirpool tubs thingers. we ate at the keg and i ate WAY too much. and then today we did shopping and the cheesecake. again too much eating and WAY too much shopping. i think i spent like $200. stupid visa, with its limitlessness =P don't really know what i'm going to do about that one, but luckily the bill won't come until next month. woohoo! i love everything i bought though! you can bet i'll be blogging about that soon. i'm dead tired and really shouldn't be staying up to write this though i'll admit, the main reason i'm still here is to catch zac efron on SNL. haha. i can already guarantee you'll get sick of hearing (reading) his name by the end of this week. and i'm sorry about that. okay, enough small talk, i'll get to it.

ONE // this week newsweek made did a feature on the average costs of beauty "maintenence" over a lifetime. it isn't easy beaing beautiful -or cheap! i think their numbers are still kinda high though. let me know what you think.

TWO // the girls at glamour certainly had sisters on the brain this week. do you have a sister? i do. and i absolutely LOVE her. here's why having a sister can make you happy and here's how she's good for your health ,

THREE // so i was clicking around on perez and found eric hutchinson's new music vid for okay it's alright with me. i can't decide if he's cute or not. but i definitely LOVE song and the video's pretty cool too

FOUR // i wish i had a pair of chain booties! they are so fierce! if you're fortunate enough to own a pair of ankle books, i found a cute way to spiff them up courtesy of fahttp://www.livejournal.com/editjournal.bmlbsugar .

FIVE // over at whowhatwear they did a rundown of some really cool rompers , not sure if it's enough to convert me on the trend though. we'll have to see!

okay. that's all. on the upside, i've really been working hard on monday's surprise! i really hope you like it, till then!



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April 9th, 2009

08:35 pm - catalogue; six
(song of the day: here comes the sun, the beatles)

i hope it was beautiful where you live! today was tyhe first sunny day we've had in a while. i wore a dress (with tights, bien sur). but today i'm cataloging the good hair day i had on sunday!!! one of these days though, i'm going to get ready with enough time to take pictures BEFORE i go out so you can see what they really look like! one day though. haha! so! there's a number of things i'd like to call attention to in this top picture. the first being the light purple nail polish (OPI's done out in deco) who was managed to last relatively chip free for the last SIX days! i did the whole base coat + layer of purple + horizontal stripe + layer of purple + top coat. it did take me almost 45 minutes, but i haven't had to do touchups all week! so i'd definitely say it was worth it. unfortunately i don't have a better close up of the makeup. but my eyes were gold and blue!

because we're cataloguing, some detailed info. first i swept cover girl eye enhancers in golden sunrise all over my lids, and then i put a dusty stripe of annabelle's single eyeshadow in bleu nuit along the upper lash line. crazy? yes. but very cool. though i do have to say, this might look a little different if you don't have darker skin. although you're welcome to try it! if you're going to go with blue, i suggest one like bleu nuit, cause it's not TOO bold, or light... or too nineties =P haha. on to hair!
have you heard about bumpits? i've been hearing about them everywhere lately. and i'm slowly beginning to wade my way into it. for sunday service i tried to add a little bump to my regular half updo. it was pretty cute if i do say so myself. but it was hard for me to get it to stay! i took the top part of my hair and used a hairdryer and a round brush to poof it up from underneath. then i clipped it kind of in the middle of my head and hair sprayed the thing like crazy. (i actually use a drug store brand natural hairspray. it smells good - not like aerosol- and holds pretty well!) then i did my bangs and kinda flipped the ends out a little. la voila! maybe next time i'll work my way out to bigger height! because my hair was being so co-operative i decided to try and curl my hair for youth group at night.

i'm not sure you can really appreciate just how HARD it is to curl relaxed hair. like you really have no idea. i've had curly hair maybe three times in my entire life?? and the other two times i had to get my hairdresser to do it. i have a curling iron by revlon and i only really curled it from about half way down (i only had an hour) and i still think it looked okay! i got lots of compliments so that was nice! the only makeup i wore was blush (again, revlon's creme blush in blushing mauve) because i didn't want to make it look like i was trying to hard (which i was). but it totally paid off cause i got to talk to the guy i wanted. teehee! (and did i mention how AWESOME kristen is? she waited around for me to gather my cahones and talk to the guy so we could leave. beyond awesome)

anyway, my cousins are over! it's time for me to stop being so anti-social. have a good night!!


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07:50 am - je t'aime;

i really like christian serratos outfit here. i'm experiencing total coat envy. loving the scarf, ripped jeans and leather boots. (do you find that whenever stars go to the airport, they usually look pretty nice? hahaa.) so yeah, just decided she's my fashion inspiration for today. and that i'm going to watch some ned's declassified later. wonder how i'll get my scarf like that though.... alrighty! off to get dressed! 

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April 8th, 2009

09:55 pm - apple a day;

hey hey. new section, AGAIN!  i'm all about changing things up. (and there's one more change coming... probably somewhere around monday, please tell me you're as excited as i am!) i'm calling it apple a day, cause i'm all about keeping the doctor away! (haha. okay. lameness over.) it's time to get serious. my sister (the only one who is FORCED to read this blog) pointed out that it's a lot like a magazine except that it's got no relationship section and no health section. i know absolutely NOTHING about guys but at least health i can research! and i should too. i FEEL fat. and i know as soon as i say that a thousand people jump at me telling me i'm wrong. and i can't blame them! that's what good friends do! but no matter what i look like or what the scale says i'm a very unhealthy person. hagen dazs for breakfast isn't exactly part of a balanced diet. consider my diet today: a chocolate chip muffin, sweet potato fries, and funnel cake. and that was it for the whole day! it's awful! and on top of that, i've been sporadically keeping up with my 10 minute spurts of cardio, but not as much as i was before. i LOVE my metabolism, but it occured to me recently that it might not always be able to keep up with me. and as much as i don't want to hear it, people are right in saying that i need to start making changes now. so in this section i'll be bringing you more yoga poses and other quick exercises, random dr. questions i ask my mom, healthy snacks and much more! let me know how it goes!

to start, i want to talk about apples! fitting, no? turns out the apple a day thing isn't actually a myth. there are tons of benefits to eating apples.

  • can helped you lose weight! they have fibre that allows to feel full faster and not eat as much (it regulates bowl movements too!)
  • prevent heart disease because they contain flavonoids (they work like anti-oxidants)
  • prevent cancers such as colon cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer in women
  • can contribute to a healthy smile and fresh breath
  • contain phenols that increase the good cholesterol and reduce the bad cholesterol (score!)
  • lower your risk for metabolic syndrome (a bunch of risk factors that can lead to heart attacks, strokes and type 2 diabetes
  • contain phytonutrients which reduce your chance for brain diseases like alzheimers and parkinsons.
  • taste good!

so it's not as much of a myth as i thought! (though my mom would like to add, all fruits and vegetables are good, not just apples! and your supposed to have 5-10 a day. pah. i don't think i've EVER made 10 in one day) all this talk about apples has made me hungry again! now if only we had some in the fridge! =(


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10:38 am - je t'aime;

Zac Efron's Pool Party from Zac Efron

zac efron in a hot tub. great way to start the morning! i've seriously been waiting for this video to come out all week. not as funny as i thought it would be, but its still got some lovely eye candy.

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April 7th, 2009

10:52 pm - top ten; spring shoes
(song of the day: beautiful soul, jesse mccartney)

i'm not sure why, but when i woke up, i knew it was a jesse mccartney day. haha. so HOW depressing was it to have snow on the ground today! i was SO ready to banish my boots to the back of the closet (and don't even get me started on my winter coat). i've got to rush this one cause it's getting late and i've still got homework to do. and forgive me for not spelling out of pure pigritude (two points!) that and there was a new episode of fringe. (eeee ^^) anyway, today i'm showcasing ten hot trends for spring shoes. (that of course... we'll have to wait until the sun is out to buy.) in any case...

1. Bold Colours.
This is a big trend for all of spring fashion and there's no better way to showcase it than with your shoes. Not surprsingly, i picked some of my favourite colours for this one. I have a crazy crush on coral. I keep buying EVERYTHING in coral. And if I can find these shoes at  Payless (American Eagle, $20) i'll totally buy them too. And i'm loving these bright pink barbie shoes from Town Shoes, even though i'll never get 'em cause they retail somewhere in the vicinity of $130. 
2. Fringe/Boho.
Fringe is cute on boots and sandals too! Unleashing your inner hippie with boho inspired shoes. Minnetonka Boots, $55 at Piperlime.com. Boho sandals, Town Shoes, $99.95.
3. Gladiators.
Whether you love them or hate them, they're back again this season. To make them more wearable, don't go for the type that wrap all the way up the knee. A flat pair looks good with both dresses and shorts. Gladiator inspired heels are another cool alternative. Flat Sandal: Matt Berson Gladiator, Piperlime, $170. Heel: Payless, $24.99
4. "Green" Shoes
Going green has never been cooler! Look out for shoes like this one from Keds that uses recycled materials. Keds, $55.
5. Metallics.
The metallicstrend has returned again for this summer. They're easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. Just do flats! (Sterling Shoes, Jessica Simpson, $99). Try 'em out in gold, silver, copper or bronze. I'm drooling over those sandals with the ankle cuff. (Sterling again, $80)

6. Tribal/Exotic/Ethnic.
Tribal-inspired shoes go really well with warm colours. The reptile ones are from sterling shoes ($45) and the flip flops are from American Eagle ($30).

7. Neutrals.
Thank goodness they're in. They go with everything and they can make your legs look longer. To be honest though, I'm not sure if it really works for brown legs. Like, am I supposed to wear deep brown shoes? I can't tell! I'll have to try on a pair and let you know! Both of these are really cute, at any rate. Aren't the ones on the left cool! (Piperlime, $50). And check out the ones from payless, a little bit of a gladiator influence, no? Retails for $30.

8. Caged/Cutouts.
This season, the more straps the better! I like this trend. They'll never fall of your foot! =) (My number one sandal gripe.) Black Sandal: Town Shoes, $125. Brown caged shoes, Piperlime, $188.

9. Studded/Embellished.
Definitely on the edgier side of the spectrum. But they help toughen up really sweet looks as well. Bianca Studded Sandal, Delia's, $39.50

10. Canvas Shoes/Plimsolls
Now i never actually read this one anywhere, but i've certainly seen a lot of people on campus wearing them. And they're so cute! And cheap. I've featured two from Keds that retail for $35. But H&M has some really cute pairs for about $15! If i'm going to by any shoe this season this is FOR SURE going to be it. 

i'm sorry that a lot of this was so rambly! i'll come back and fix it i promise! and i'm well aware these aren't realistic prices. i mostly just needed pictures of the shoes i was talking about. and now that i know what i'm looking for, i'll scour the malls to find you hot shoes at awesome prices! alright. i've got some homework to do. later my lovelies!


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06:07 pm - je t'aime;

this is the FIRST lip balm i've ever actually had long enough to see the bottom of. it's almost done! some of the time i just lose them, OR i end up buying new things and forgetting about it. but not this one! this is the best lip balm i've bought in a while. i've heard it called the drugstore-equivalent to MAC tendertones. the colour is really sheer, it mosturizes really well and lasts a long time on your lips. my only gripe? it's only available in the states. if the "mystery vacation" takes me anywhere near the border i'm buying three at least! i got it in pink last time so i'm thinking this time i'm going to get it in coral/orange.

p.s. does anyone else fantasize about stateside shopping like i do? if i don't end up going i'll be quite upset =P

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April 6th, 2009

11:10 pm - je t'aime;

so i'm going on a mystery vacation at the end of this week. hoping my mom takes us somewhere near a delia's. i would totally buy this beaded yoke top ($32.50 USD) i'm in love with the colour, and the tribal beading! magnifique.

(Credit: http://store.delias.com/item.do?itemID=50818&categoryID=1483&sizeFilter=&colorFilter=&brandFilter= )

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09:23 pm - thoughts; why we like the beast
(song of the day: the fear, lily allen)

story time! imagine there's a father and a daughter. the daughter, is beautiful, smart, if maybe a little too bookish. and the father is kind of bumbly but loveable none the less. and one day the father is kidnapped by a ruthless... very hairy guy, who holds him hostage. the daughter goes looking for her father, and when she finds him, takes her father's place as the villain's captive. while her father goes free, she's stuck with the villain forever. yet somehow, after enough times go by, the girl falls in love with the villain.

and there you have it! me and my friend suze were trying to find out just why girls fall for the beast. i mean, on a personal note? i think it's the musical numbers that really get me. and it's true, even though the beast/prince had been horrible his ENTIRE life, he does turn out to be a standup guy. and suze pointed out that a lot of people think that this translates to real life. but i think for the most part, what you see is what you get. people are bad are just bad. and we still seem to fall for them anyway.

i'm speaking in generalities here. i mean, some women do have the good sense to stay away from the bad boys of the world. i know i don't. i can think of plenty of "beasts" in my romantic history. there was one guy in particular that it took forever for me to get over and he was totally not right for me. i mean, i KNEW he was going to treat me badly, and somehow i still didn't seem to care. and why is that? i hit the streets, i did some research, i asked around. but no one really had a definitive answer.

there are some girls who like a challenge. but i'm pretty sure i'm not one of them. you know how i'm prone to pigritude. (ha! score one!)

some girls like a fixer uppper. someone they can change. again not me, because again, it's way too much work.

some girls like the sense of adventure. and while it's true that this wild, crazy guy will probably never be boring, but getting my heart broken isn't exactly my idea of fun.

i somehow got to this forum that was primarily aimed at guys (who were asking the same question i was). and one guy rather chauvinistically thought that bad guys were just really good at playing girls into thinking they want them. (confused? hah. i was too. silly insights from the guy mind)

another guy from the same site just pointed out that some girls are addicted to drama. (which i'll admit, sometimes may be true.)

i stopped and just thought about it. and i agree with part of what i found. i always try to give people the benefit of the doubt. there may be a bit of me that hopes people will change. i want to see the good in everyone (not just guys)

but when i liked that "beast"/guy, even though he was hurting me even while we weren't going out, i couldn't stop thinking about what it would mean if he liked me. i mean it's almost too easy to be with a good guy. but if this wild crazy wild guy who could have anyone chooses you. even if only for a moment, he likes you, it's just worth so much more. would you agree? or do you have a different reason? 

there's no real resolution here, i'm just thinking....


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